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Tips for Helping Your Student Succeed

College requires a large time investment. The student may not be able to do everything else you are used to them doing at home or play. Don't guilt people out of doing assignments. Be supportive.

Show interest in the work the student is doing. Many students who stop attending do so because they lose sight of the reason they are in school or they are discouraged from continuing by the important people in their lives. Let them know you value what they are doing.

Encourage the student to focus on the goal of graduation or career when they get tired or frustrated. Every student will have a class or a professor they do not like. Encourage them to focus on the larger goal so they can be successful in the class.

What do I do when my student has concerns about college?

  • Understand the resources available on campus and refer the student to these resources. If the student is to be successful, the student needs to make the connections and do the legwork. You have the ability to guide the student to the people and programs that can help. But the student needs to reach out to these resources:
    1. Academic Advising
    2. Tutoring Services
    3. The Writing Center
    4. Career Services
  • Sometimes the student just needs a good listener. Be that support. Understand they don't always want you to solve the problem; they just want you to be sympathetic.

What if I am worried my student is not doing well?

  • Your source of information is the student. Faculty are not able to discuss with you how the student is doing in class.
  • Talk to the student about classes. Ask what they are learning, what assignments they have coming up, ask if they have a paper or project you could read.

When does my student find out how they are doing in class?

  • Students who have earned less than 30 credit hours receive mid-term grades around week eight of each semester. This information is available in the student's FlashLine account. Remember mid-term grades are an indication of current achievement and may not reflect what a final grade will be.
  • Every time a student takes a test or turns in an assignment, the student receives a grade and can calculate how they are doing by consulting the grading information on their course syllabus.
  • Every time a student chooses to miss class or skip an assignment, the student knows they are putting their grade in danger.