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Study Techniques

Be sure to find study techniques that work for you. The important thing is to study throughout the semester rather than only studying for tests. Below are some ideas for frequent short study sessions.

  • Talk to a friend or family member about what you are learning. Explaining ideas and concepts to someone else helps your mind organize and understand material better.
  • Study with a friend from class. You may understand different topics and be able to boost each other's knowledge.
  • Make diagrams and charts to organize ideas and see connections.
  • Try to apply a theory or concept to "real life." Find real life examples of what you are learning.
  • Ask why and how, not just what. This is not just about memorization. It is about why is it important to know the material.
  • Think about whether you agree with an idea or theory.
  • Challenge yourself to figure out similarities and differences between new ideas and others you have already learned.
  • Be open to opportunities for quick study sessions. Traveling, waiting for friends and breaks between classes are all great opportunities.
  • If you need to memorize, go back to basics.
    1. Flashcards do work!
    2. Find a naming device that helps you remember.
    3. Put it to music. You know you remember your favorite song lyrics.
    4. Review frequently rather than cramming.
  • Repetition works. Copy your notes the same day you took them (See note taking tips for more details).